'Corruption in the present government is very low...', former RBI governor praises Modi government

New Delhi: The question of what has changed since the Modi government was formed at the Centre is common. Now, former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Bimal Jalan (1997-2003) has responded fearlessly to the issue during media interaction. Jalan spoke to a media channel on his book 'India Reconing: Rewards and Dissenters of Democracy', expressing his opinion on Indian machinery, governance and change and praising the Modi government that corruption is very low in this government.

Talking about the strength of Indian democracy, he said that this is the different opinion of the people within the country. Speaking on india's democratic structure, he expressed his views on the work of the Judiciary, Parliament and the Executive in formulating a policy. He termed the judicial delay as responsible for the delay in implementing the policy. Replying to various questions, he described Indian democracy as the world's largest democracy and described the desire for "free and fair elections" as a factor, describing it as a lesson in this largest democracy. Jalan said the Election Commission is absolutely independent and conducts elections at every state and central level and gives freedom to citizens to tell whether the policy is good or not.

He said that if we look at the last 74 years, it shows that any government with a majority runs a more successful government than a coalition government. When questioned about the development of the economic sector over the last decade, he said that perhaps one can say that the economic policies or any one policy being formulated by the government are of no use. But the reality is that the financial sector is stable. He highlighted the possibility of corruption in a majority government in Indian democracy and said that if the government is in majority, they can formulate any policy which is necessary. Corruption is very high if there is no majority. If there are different parties, they definitely commit corruption and sometimes in this party, sometimes they go to that party. The best way to do that is to publicly declare all policy decisions. Why these decisions have been taken, these reasons should be made public. There should be an independent public discussion on the policies that have been announced. Corruption is very low in terms of policy making in the present Government.

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