This teacher educates the village children in an innovative way amid covid-19
This teacher educates the village children in an innovative way amid covid-19

You all must know that at this time the coronavirus has created a rage all over the country. Everyone is troubled by this virus. Although due to this virus, schools and colleges across the country are also closed at this time, but in the meantime new sessions of students have also started. Yes, now students are engaged in completing their course by teaching online. Meanwhile, the most upset is the children who neither have internet facility nor their mobile phones. Yes, there are many poor children who are unable to study online. By the way, there is a news related to her, which you will love to hear.

Yes, such children are being taught through the 'Mohalla class'. For such children, teachers are going from village to village giving 'mohalla class' to the children and the teacher is ready to do anything to teach. In the meantime, an 'umbrella teacher' of Chhattisgarh is becoming famous. Yes, Rudra Pratap Singh Rana Chhatri Guru is the teacher of 'Primary School Sakda', in village Sakda, about 70 km from the district headquarters of Chhattisgarh. He goes to the 'Mohalla class' every day to teach the children by putting black boards in his motorcycle, books in suitcases, mic, bells and a big umbrella on the bike. During this study, he carefully observes and teaches the rules of physical distancing.


Rudra Pratap Singh Rana goes to 'Sakra' village every day to teach children from the 'Paraasi' village of Pendra Marwahi district, about 40 km away. He does not forget to teach children by organizing 'Mohalla class' in Gurwapara, Patel Para, School Para, Bihi Para, Muhari Para around Sakra village. As soon as the sound of the bell comes, all the children of the locality get out of their homes and join the 'mohalla class' by laying a mat with the school bag on the balcony. Well this is really amazing. Presently, these Guruji are discussed on social media.

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