COVID-19 patients with co-infection is a challenge for Doctors
COVID-19 patients with co-infection is a challenge for Doctors

The COVID-19 patients with co-infections pose a challenge to the covid-19 treating doctors.  Doctors in Karnataka say it is difficult to detect the second infection and plan treatment for both conditions. The conditions include malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, dengue, H1N1 and bacterial pneumonia.  Dr C R Jayanthi, Dean and director of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) said, “Dengue and Covid are a deadly combination, we are studying each case and will soon work out a protocol for treatment of such cases”.

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TMA Pai Hospital in Udupi has reported patients with either H1N1 or malaria and Covid-19, and few patients have tuberculosis with Covid-19, said Dr Shashikiran Umakanth, professor and head of the department of medicine, and nodal officer for Covid. He added With fever and cough being the predominant symptoms of many of these diseases, diagnosing both becomes a challenge. Treatment, too, becomes an issue. There is a chance of treating one adversely affecting the treatment of the other one. For instance, the platelet count in some dengue patients can be low, and require medical intervention. “Covid-19 patients are sometimes given blood thinners to prevent clotting. But thinners can cause shock in dengue patients who have a low platelet count,” the doctor said. During a national-level meeting of physicians for Covid management, doctors were asked to check for these diseases with common symptoms.

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In a Covid-19 positive case, missing a bacterial infection is of high chance. The complications of COVID-19 can also be tested if a person shows dengue symptoms. One more challenge is dengue patients may come in with upper respiratory infection, but Covid patients don’t always show respiratory trouble. Researchers say 21% of COVID-19 patients come with co-infections.

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