Robbery in fairfield best buy

Jun 02 2020 04:41 PM
Robbery in fairfield best buy

Video aired on social media in California depicts the moments when a crane was used to break into Fairfield's Best Buy. A Fairfield resident, who requested to be identified only as Rosamond, recorded the video near Solano Town Mall on Monday. It showed a crowd of people and two cranes in front of Best Buy. In the video, a crane moves in front of the store. Once the damage is done, people are seen fleeing the area. Some wore masks and hoods. It's crazy.

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"It is almost like a third world country, "Rosamond said. She was making video of the city robbery in the city. The mall was the first place where she went to hear police sirens going towards the mall. Rosamond said, "At first there were only six groups of people and then suddenly there were hundreds of people everywhere." Despite seeing the action shrinking, at least one thing remains a mystery.

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She is not sure where the crane came from near the mall. Rosamond says that the police were already around the mall, and when the break occurred, the police immediately responded. Fairfield police sent an alert Monday night stating that officers were looting around Solano Town Mall and Gateway Boulevard. Rosamond said, "It's crazy to see all this stuff going on in the city right now."


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