Cyber fraud: Bill of 112 rupees, 14 thousand deducted from account

Sep 07 2019 05:29 PM
Cyber fraud: Bill of 112 rupees, 14 thousand deducted from account

The case of online fraud from Agra district is reported. Cyber-criminals called a customer care number of the online food app company and made a person their victim. The victim is a resident of New Agra region. On August 26, he ordered a meal through an app. After some time, the delivery boy got a call. He said that the order cannot be fulfilled. Cancel the order On this, the victim demanded 112 rupees of the order. The employee of the company talked about coming back himself.

The amount did not come for five days. On August 31, he again called the employee. He spoke to the app to take the number. On talking, a person spoke to download any desk app on mobile. After this, I got a number message from the app. Later it was said that even money is not coming from the app. They took accounts, ATM card numbers and PIN numbers.

Talked to an officer as well. Within 30 minutes, 14 thousand rupees were withdrawn from his account three times. The victim has given action in SSP office demanding action. According to the cyber cell expert, people search for customer care numbers on the Internet. But, in the name of customer care of many company, cyber criminals have put their numbers on the Internet. When people call, they understand the correct number and give information. However, this should not be done. If, as a company person, asking for information about accounts, OTPs, ATM cards, PIN numbers, then do not give them.

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