Corona: This country became angel for world in this hour of crisis
Corona: This country became angel for world in this hour of crisis

Cuba, a small country in the Caribbean Sea, has emerged as an angel for the entire world in this hour of Corona crisis. Cuba has sent a team of doctors to Italy. China had ordered drugs from Cuba to deal with Corona. America is also taking the cooperation of Cuban doctors. In this way, now that the Corona crisis has exposed the health facilities of the developed countries of the world, the world is looking at the Cuban model with expectations.

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Cuban model is basically based on 'Health and Accessible Treatment for All'. Cuba's health services are considered world-class. There is no private hospital in Cuba. Cuba has 70 doctors per 10,000 population, while in other developed countries of the world, such as Russia, 43 are available per 10,000 population, 40 in Switzerland and only 24 in the US. Talking about our country India, then this situation is worse here.

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Only 6 doctors are available in India per 10 thousand population. Whereas according to the standard of World Health Organization, it is mandatory for every ten thousand population to have at least 10 doctors. Once again when we talk about Cuba, it has established hundreds of community health centers everywhere. A local community center serves 30 to 60 thousand people. Primary health centers also run in a three-story building.

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