Cyber-attacks on several banks and government websites amid Russia-Ukraine war
Cyber-attacks on several banks and government websites amid Russia-Ukraine war

After Russian President Vladimir Putin's order of military action, war has broken out between Russia and Ukraine. Both countries are engaged in attacking each other. So far, 137 people have been reported to have been killed in the war. Russia has also completely destroyed many of Ukraine's military bases. The Ukrainian military also claimed to have killed five Russian aircraft and a Russian helicopter in the Luhansk area. Amidst all this, there is news of cyber attacks on Ukraine's government websites and banks.

Hackers target Ukraine's embassy: Ukraine's parliament and other government and banking websites were cyber-attacked on Wednesday. After the attack, cybersecurity researchers have said that unknown attackers have also infected hundreds of computers with dangerous malware. Researchers have said that some of the infected computers were in neighbouring Latvia and Lithuania.

In Ukraine, the site of the Foreign Ministry and councils and ministers stopped opening on Thursday morning, while other sites were running very slowly, although there has been no official confirmation yet about this cyber attack. ESET Research Labs has confirmed the attack. The lab said it had detected data-wiping malware (which deleted data) on a Ukrainian computer on Wednesday. The lab claims that it is also working to target many of Ukraine's big institutions in this attack.

Symantec Threat Intelligence detected three organizations affected by the Viper malware, including a Ukrainian government contractor in Latvia and Lithuania and a financial institution in Ukraine. Let me tell you that these two countries are members of NATO.

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