Does your mobile too quickly run out of internet data? So try this procedure

In the Corona epidemic, the cost of the internet has increased and in such a situation, we are afraid of losing the most internet data. Nowadays, everything requires internet data. But many times, due to unnecessary things in the mobile, the data is spent and our essential work stopped. So today we are telling you about some such tips from which mobile data can be saved...

Nowadays the trend of OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Hot Star Disney, Netflix has increased a lot. In such a situation, many times these apps are on in the background of our mobile and keep consuming data. So if you open such apps, cost more data. So after using such apps, remove them from the background. Google Maps is a popular service that eliminates data properly. In such a situation, you can save maps to save data. After the map is downloaded, you can use it offline with GPS. This will save you data.

The same if you open social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram while working, then the data is consumed. Keep auto-play videos off, especially in your social media account. Playing video automatically also costs more data. At the same time, many apps in Mobile start updating automatically, which costs mobile data. To avoid this, turn off Auto Update by going to Settings. This will allow you to update the app you want and save data.

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