Daily Horoscope: These 7 zodiacs face Crisis, as Mercury planet going to change its position…read inside

Apr 12 2019 10:17 AM
Daily Horoscope: These 7 zodiacs face Crisis, as Mercury planet going to change its position…read inside

Here a New day with a new beginning, new hope and expectations. We all have the curiosity to know our daily horoscope that it what have kept for us. So let's have a look at our daily horoscope today.  

ARIES: Small problems will keep you in the ring today. Today, it is advisable to give attention to the thoughts of others, except for personal thoughts. Your point of view can be somewhat successful in saying Due to the irregularity of catering it is possible to have a decline in health. A friend can ask for money from you. Today the wrong decisions of the past will be due to mental uncertainty and suffering. Today you will not be alone. This can cause you to be a victim of negativity. Yellow color will be extremely lucky today. . Don't be impatient for anything. If you happen take interest in listening to music you may derive pleasure from it today.

TAURUS: You may receive a letter with some good news today. Some special events may take place in your family such as Marriage, celebrations, new-born in the family, arrival of guests or any other positive event. You will be provided with delicious food. Keep away from evildoers and unreligious people lest they may lure you for leaning towards criminal activities.

GEMINI:  The people of Gemini need urgent attention to the domestic affairs today. The recklessness made on your behalf can prove to be expensive. You may have to face some obstacles today. You need to keep your words on a public platform because people will see you. Due to the increased engagement of the office, your relationship with your spouse can be stressful. While taking important decisions for business or family, take care not to follow others blindly and take into account the consequences of your decisions so that you make the right choices. Today you will take some pivotal decisions that may have long-ranging consequences on your life. Your favorable color for the day is green. Your folks will provide you their full support and cooperation today. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse and children. There are chances of obtaining money.

CANCER : Your favorable color for the day is green. Your folks will provide you their full support and cooperation today. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse and children. There are chances of obtaining money. Do not enter into any type of dealings connected with loans nor arrive at any important life changing decisions today. Lead a simple life and keep pending all important works. You may experience sorrowful circumstances today. Do not get involved in any confrontation, as you may come out as a loser. Green color will be unlucky for you today. Identify all your hidden and visible enemies. It will be a satisfying day for you in case you are able to repay your long standing loans. 

LEO : People will praise you today, whom you always wanted to hear. You will share a good rapport with a new colleague, which will make him feel comfortable. Today in the party or picnic with friends will be very well. Today you will feel drenched with some beauty of beauty. Tension can break your mental peace during work hours. Your talent will be appreciated. The common opinion of the public will be in your favor today. In case you are involved in an election then there is a likelihood of the results going in your favor today. People will be full of praise for you. You should value your real supporters and respect them. You should respect your elder brothers and sisters and obtain their blessings. This will help in enhancing your fortune. You should also do self-assessment to know how secure you are in your life at present. 

VIRGO: Today is the sign of your fate to increase. Today is auspicious for you to start new work. There will be a chance to participate in any religious event. The expense will be. Rivalry will decrease. Avoid Misconceptions. There will be profit in partnership. Spend time with the siblings well Charity will be donated in the service of public service. Contact with intellectuals and literary people will increase. Relatives will bring new plans for promotion and prosperity. You are destined to use your tact and intellect to good effect this day. From the view point of your personal qualities and worldly experience you may achieve name and fame today. People will abide by your instructions. There is a possibility of your achieving royal fame this day. In case you are feeling lethargic today, it will be an uneventful day for you. This day provides you with a green signal to go ahead with your plans and proposals for a new project. You will pass the day happily. You may achieve success in physical bonding with your partner, and in matters relating to love. Green color is extremely lucky for you this day. You will have transparency in achieving your objectives.

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LIBRA : Today, in case of money, you should listen to your mind instead of following others' advice. Keep positive attitude while working at home. Suddenly a job can get a good benefit. Time is good for spiritual spiritual practice. Children will get support and love. Can get wealth, rewards and honors in the field of work. It's a good day to go to the lawyer and seek legal advice. Green color will be lucky for you today. You may go ahead with various religious works like religious journey, mundane ceremony, post funeral ceremony, Graha Pravesh, Yagna etc, which you had planned earlier. You will come to experience the effects of your past deeds today. Take blessings from your elderly. It will improve your fate. You will start to realize the good effects of donations and the help extended without any design or motive.

SCORPIO : Be restrained in dealing with friends today. A friend may feel bad about you. Time will be good for the business people. Success will be achieved at every turn of life. There will be unexpected results in business. Students are likely to get good results in competitive examinations due to their hard work. Merchants will be able to establish new contacts. Today, students will be filled with enthusiasm by any new success. You are advised to give special attention to your food habits lest you may suffer from health problems. It will be best for you to enjoy a sound sleep in case you are suffering from mental agony or degradation. You may face inconvenience and hurdles in various walks of life this day. 

SAGITTARIUS: Today, you will continue to increase your social standing. There will be peace in mind. Destiny will get together. Differences from partners will be overcome. Employment is likely to increase. Some people around you can help you get out of stress. The time will be normal for business traders. The atmosphere in the marital life will remain peaceful. If you do not take care of your things, then you are likely to lose or steal. You may act and finalize upon your livelihood, as efforts meted out in this direction may prove to be extremely fruitful today. You will pass your time happily and peacefully this day. You will feel fresh in your mind and body. Do not cheat others and be cheated in return; avoid such situations.

CAPRICORN: Today, you need to keep abstinence on speech. Stay calm to avoid annoyance. Unexpected profit can be. Stay away from speculative and yoke Trying to remove unemployment will be successful. Too much stress and anxiety can harm health. Unless you are satisfied that all work has been completed, do not give the document to your senior. Do not ignore light illness. Solution of any major problem can be easy. Remain careful while working, as you may get wounded if you are not. Today is a good day for repayment of long-standing loans. Keep your house safe from thieves. You should not allow a treacherous feeling to occupy your mind. Keep your expenditures under control, lest you may incur a loss today.

AQUARIUS: Good day for you Your love affair will be favorable. Today the investment will be auspicious. The result of hard work done can be found now. There will be inquiries outside-home. Receiving wealth will be easy. Do not trust fate, emphasize karma. The goodness of speech will be good relations. This day will be satisfactory from health point of view. Will be interested in social work. Tension can arise in home relationships. Stay calm to avoid annoyance. You should not opt for taking any decisions, starting new projects and avoid doing anything with loan transactions, sale and purchase deals etc. Try to pass the day in a simple manner. Today you will come across adverse situations, but do not get swayed by them. You may enjoy some moments of pleasure and a scope for personal growth, as the above transit of the Moon and the effect of the two Nakshatras are in your favor.

PISCES: Today, a couple's life will be fine. Help in getting new jobs. You can get positive results in the investment. Think of something larger than coming out of your realm. There is hope of getting promotion in the job. Time is suitable for the new contract. You can move forward in progress as you grow faster. You will earn money Those who are spending their holidays with their beloved, they will be among the most memorable moments of their life. Avoid any type of dispute, as this day is unfavorable for you. People may go against you and you may even have to face humiliation. You are advised to remain alert while driving and cautious while travelling. Avoid initiating new projects, loan transactions and financial investments etc. This day. Green is unlucky for you today.

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