MP: There will be a ban on dance and bands at wedding!

Jabalpur: How will you have fun at the wedding without dance, DJ and band! If all this is not in marriage, it cannot be a marriage. As per the recent information received, Muslim religious leaders at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh are considering banning dance and bands at weddings. Yes, in the recent reports, the Muslim religious leaders said, "Dancing in marriages is wrong in terms of Sharia law." At the same time, the religious leaders in Jabalpur have held a serious discussion in the meeting to ban these two.

In fact, there has been a meeting of the religious leaders of the Muslim community at Ranital Eidgah in the city in the past. In the meantime, the meeting spoke on all the issues which are not correct in terms of Sharia. In the meantime, the meeting was the most discussed in marriage marriages and other family events. The meeting said that the marriage program should be very simple in accordance with Sharia law. In addition, it was also said that family members should be present at the wedding and to have a banquet with the family with the consent of the bride. It is not correct to profligacy in the name of marriage.

Meanwhile, Dr. Maulana Mo Mushahid Raza Siddiqui said "Today, people take a loan to compete with each other and get married." So that they remain in society. In this way, the head of the house is burdened with debt. Which has a very bad impact on the family situation." In the meantime, the religious leaders said, "suggestions have been made in the meeting which is being considered. Soon Mufti Azam will release the entire guideline in this regard.''

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