One person urinated on the other during a fight on a plane

In one of the flights, two brothers created a lot of ruckus, both of whom were drunk. The two beat each other and killed each other. The situation became such that one of these brothers urinated on the other inside the plane. They are said to be residents of South East London. Airlines have imposed a fine of over Rs 48 lakh (£50,000) on the two brothers and banned them from travelling on a life-long flight.  

According to a report received, the incident took place on May 12 last month. Jet2 flight was on its way to Crate, Greece from London's Stented Airport. The video of the whole case was recorded by the passenger present on the flight. However, the identity of the passenger has not been revealed. In the video, it is seen that the Police officers of Greece are taking down one of the two brothers. One of the men said that the flight staff has also received empty bottles of vodka near the seats where the two brothers were sitting.  

The two brothers were also assaulting each other inside the flight. Fed up with these actions of the two, the pilot of Jet-2 Airlines had to take the flight to Corfu (a Greek city) so that these brothers could be disembarked. Due to this act of these two brothers, 200 passengers were disturbed. The flight was also delayed by about four hours.

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