If you run AC a lot in summer, then these serious diseases can happen

People are adopting various ways to avoid heat in the summer days. This list includes coolers, fans and ACs that people install in their homes, offices and cars. However, overuse of AC is harmful to health. Yes, by using AC for several hours in a row, you can also be vulnerable to various types of diseases. Expert doctors say that the continuous use of AC has an adverse effect on health. Yes, and this leads to roughness in the skin, and the organs of different joints of the body also get rough. In fact, using AC throughout the day is enough to spoil the health.

These problems are coming from using AC too much - excessive use of AC leads to roughness on the eyes and skin. Yes, and apart from this, the blood pressure also starts decreasing, which is not good for health. In fact, going directly out of the AC into the environment, there is also a risk of vomiting, dizziness and heat stroke. Not only this but also people who are troubled by heart or kidney disease. They may also have problems with excessive use of AC. Using AC does not cause sweating, so the toxins of the body are not able to come out, which poses a risk of diseases.

Take precautions - Take care not to sit in front of the AC and keep the temperature below 24 degrees Celsius. Yes, and at the same time, do not go straight from the AC room in the sun and turn off the AC after a regular interval of two hours. Small children, the cooling of AC is not very good.

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