People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed

If you're fond of eating dark chocolate, there's good news for you. Yes, dark chocolate is good for your health. One such research says. Dark chocolate of any kind can help to make your mood positive and better. Above all, eating dark chocolate can also reduce your depression level. On the other hand, according to WHO the World Health Organization, 200, nearly 30 million people worldwide are affected by depression and are one of the most prominent causes of disability. Let us know its advantages.

In fact, research by University College London UCL revealed this in terms of dark chocolate and depression. The research surveyed a total of 13,626 people who consumed different types of chocolate. The survey found that people who ate any kind of dark chocolate in 24 hours were found to have a 70 percent reduction in depression symptoms compared to those who did not eat chocolate. Those who ditched other kinds of chocolates also saw a 25 percent decline in their symptoms of depression.

Chocolate is known worldwide as a better mood item. Chocolates contain psychoactive ingredients, giving a feeling of excitement and ultimate happiness. Chocolate also contains phenethylamine which helps to improve mood. Not only that, dark chocolate contains flavonoids, antioxidants, and many other chemicals that play an important role in repairing depression.

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