Defence Minister praises Indian scientists, says 2DG is an effective medicine

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently made a statement saying, "Doctors told me that 2DG is an effective medicine, it increases oxygen levels (in covid patients). No other country could do that, but scientists in India made it possible. Our armed forces and scientists have never disappointed the country whenever needed.''

In fact, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh attended an event at DRDO Bhawan in Delhi today. He said, "When the Tokyo Olympics were going on, we wondered if we would also get a gold medal, but Subedar Neeraj Chopra did that charisma and won a gold medal for India.''

At the same time, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also said, "On completion of 100 years of Independence, what kind of India will we build? We want to fulfill the dream of one India, the best India. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh further said, "We want to build an India that is a prosperous, self-reliant, self-respecting India. Whoever does not attack another country, but gives a befitting reply to whoever keeps a bad eye on us.''

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