Cab drivers in Delhi keep 'condoms' in their car, know the motive behind

Sep 20 2019 01:35 PM
Cab drivers in Delhi keep 'condoms' in their car, know the motive behind

New Delhi: On turning from JNU to Nelson Mandela Road, traffic police stop a cab driver like Dharmendra. Driver Dharmendra has a seat belt and is also wearing his blue uniform. During questioning, Dharmendra says that I have condoms in the first aid box. He shows by opening the box, which contained Dettol, paracetamol tablets, bandages and condoms. Dharmendra says that recently his challan was also cut for not keeping condoms since then he is very cautious. However, the receipt of the invoice was given to him, in which the matter of over speed was written.

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There are a large number of cab drivers in Delhi who have condoms in their first aid box. He believes that if he does not do this, then his challan can be cut for this too. Giving information, President of Delhi's Sarvodaya Driver Association, Kamaljeet Gill has said that "it is mandatory for all public vehicles to carry at least three condoms at all times".

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Drivers have no idea what their use is. However, Kamaljeet Gill himself says that it can be used in case of injury or cut in someone's bone. He explains, 'If a person starts bleeding then it can be stopped through condoms. Similarly, in the event of a fracture, the condom can be tied to work till it reaches the hospital at that place.

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