CM Kejriwal played 'Hindutva' bet amidst election, Know what he said
CM Kejriwal played 'Hindutva' bet amidst election, Know what he said

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who once opposed the Ram temple, was seen playing the bet of Hindutva in the election season. For the first time, Kejriwal has clearly said that I am a Hindu, and if I do not do Hindutva, what else will I do? At the same time, Kejriwal once again reiterated the demand for pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses on notes.

Why did Kejriwal suddenly turn Hindutva?

However, CM Kejriwal is demanding pictures of gods on notes but does not give a clear answer to the demand to pay salaries to the priests of the same God. While the same Delhi government gives a salary of Rs 18,000 and Rs 16,000 to Imams and Muezzins of Waqf mosques. Here Kejriwal is not seen demanding equality. Not only this, AAP leaders like Rajendra Pal Gautam and Gopal Italia have been made star campaigners by party chief Kejriwal, who keeps making derogatory statements about the faith of the majority section of the country every day. Gautam, along with thousands of people, had even vowed not to believe in Hindu gods and goddesses, while Italia had called Hindu rites bullshit and temples a den of exploitation.    

What did Kejriwal say in the interview:

Let me tell you that, these days AAP seems to be very busy with MCD and Gujarat Assembly elections in Delhi. According to the report, in an interview, CM Kejriwal openly responded to the allegations that he was 'adopting the BJP's Hindutva path' while campaigning in Gujarat. Often, Kejriwal refrained from siding with Hindutva on such questions. But this time in the election season, he clearly said, 'I am a Hindu, if I do not do Hindutva, what else will I do?' Kejriwal also reiterated the demand for pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on notes, alleging that only the BJP had opposed it.

The AAP supremo alleged that 'As soon as I said this, the BJP started abusing us. Only the BJP opposed it, no one else. I don't understand what is their problem. Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, but they are putting Ganesha's picture on their currency, no one is opposing there.' CM Kejriwal said, 'I have urged the people of Gujarat to vote for AAP and not Congress. I do not seek votes only in the name of Hindutva. People have high hopes from AAP and I am a patriotic citizen who is capable of bringing change at the national level when it comes to schools and hospitals. I can provide mohalla clinics in every part of the country.'

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