Delhi cyber cell warned about Apps; might rob your money

Nov 28 2019 10:38 AM
Delhi cyber cell warned about Apps; might rob your money

New Delhi: In order to avoid fraud through continuous cybercrime, Paytm or other e-wallets, the cyber cell of Delhi has appealed to people to take precautions by tweeting. According to Cyber Cell's DCP Anash Roy, fraud cases are continuously coming to light in the name of Paytm's KYC in Delhi. Due to this, the cyber cell of Delhi Police has appealed to the people through social media that if anyone calls or SMS you in the name of verification of Paytm KYC, do not believe it.

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Delhi Police has also asked people not to download any app at the behest of an unknown person. This app can read your OTP and SMS. The cyber cell has warned people that no eWallet company does KYC verification by calling. For this, the thugs are using two methods to contact you. First, you send a message in the name of KYC. Second, these thugs call themselves and tell you that your number is being KYC again. For this, if you want, you can get your KYC done by talking on the call.

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These thugs ask you to download these two mobile apps ANY DESK or QUICK SUPPORT. As soon as you download these apps and open them, a number of 10 digits appear on it. Thugs ask this number. On detection of this number, the thugs also start seeing your phone screen on their system and execute the fraud through your mobile wallet or Paytm.

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