1.25 lakh dengue cases across the country, chikungunya and malaria attack in Delhi

New Delhi: So far 1,16,991 dengue cases have been registered in the country. There have been 1,530 cases in Delhi alone. Of these, 1200 cases were reported in October. These are the highest in the last four years. Earlier in 2017, 2022 dengue cases were registered in Delhi in October.  Dengue claimed 5 lives in Delhi on Monday. So far 6 people have died in the capital. It's also the highest in four years.

Speaking of January to October, 612 cases were registered in 2020, 1069 in 2019 and 1595 in 2018. As of October 23 this year, 1,006 cases were registered. This was followed by 530 cases in a week. While 5 people lost their lives. 217 dengue cases were registered in Delhi in September. In 2019, only 1072 cases were reported throughout the year and one patient died.

Cases of dengue as well as chikungunya-malaria are on the rise in Delhi. So far 160 cases of malaria have been registered in the capital while 81 cases of chikungunya have been registered. Delhi hospitals are getting a large number of fever and cold patients. Most of them are dengue and malaria. Malaria, dengue and chikungunya also have high fevers and patients also have the illusion of corona. However, amid increasing dengue cases, the three municipal bodies have increased the speed of fogging and spraying operations.

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