Delhi Government Defends Odd-Even Success Amid Supreme Court Scrutiny
Delhi Government Defends Odd-Even Success Amid Supreme Court Scrutiny

New Delhi: On Thursday, the Delhi government informed the Supreme Court that its odd-even scheme, aimed at curbing vehicular emissions, had effectively reduced road congestion. This statement comes in response to the Supreme Court's recent characterization of the scheme as mere "optics." The odd-even initiative permits cars to operate on alternate days based on their number plates to mitigate vehicular emissions in the capital.

The Delhi government, citing a scientific study, asserted that the odd-even plan not only positively impacted emissions but also led to increased usage of public transport, coupled with a 15% reduction in fuel consumption. Additionally, the government reported collecting over Rs 14 crore as an environment compensation charge since July.

Responding to the court's inquiry about the exclusion of non-Delhi registered taxis from the scheme, the Arvind Kejriwal-led government stated that a blanket ban was not feasible. However, it expressed openness to considering restrictions based on fuel type and vehicle numbers.

On Wednesday, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai announced the deferral of the odd-even car rationing scheme until the Supreme Court reviews its effectiveness in addressing air pollution and issues further directives. The move followed the Supreme Court's critical stance on the Delhi government's pollution control measures, particularly the odd-even scheme, as thick smog enveloped the national capital. The court challenged the historical success of the initiative, labeling it as more about appearances than substantive impact. The Delhi government had reintroduced the odd-even scheme on Monday, anticipating worsening air quality post-Diwali.

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