Now 'Farishte of Delhi' will save the victims, Kejriwal government will honour
Now 'Farishte of Delhi' will save the victims, Kejriwal government will honour

New Delhi: Kejriwal government of Delhi will now honour those who helped the victims of the accident. CM Arvind Kejriwal has started a scheme related to it on Monday. CM Kejriwal said that 3000 lives have been saved through the use of this one and a half year initiative.

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Kejriwal said at the formal inauguration of the 'Farishte Delhi' honour that "If the accident victim is taken to the hospital within an hour of the accident, the chances of survival are 70-80 per cent because this time is priceless. "Under this scheme, the Delhi government will bear the cost of treatment of the victims of the road accident and will give incentive money to those who help them." CM Kejriwal also honoured some of the people who took the injured person to the hospital and saved their lives during this initiative conducted as an experiment.

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Jitendra Kumar, employee of NDMC is also among them. In May last year, Kumar saw a victim of an accident on the road. They rushed him to the hospital while many people were busy making videos of the injured man. CM Kejriwal said that "Before formally launching this scheme, we started it as an experiment to know about this whole process and remove its complications before one and a half years ago. Through this initiative, more than 3000 lives could be saved. ''

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