Delhi Minister Atishi Calls for Central Intervention Amid Water Crisis
Delhi Minister Atishi Calls for Central Intervention Amid Water Crisis

New Delhi: Amidst the ongoing water crisis in Delhi, Minister Atishi emphasized the need for intervention from the Centre to address the situation effectively. She asserted that without such intervention, the condition would not improve and urged the BJP to engage with its government in Haryana to secure more water for Delhi.

Atishi took proactive steps by writing a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, urging the deployment of police personnel to safeguard major pipelines across the national capital. Expressing concern over a recent leakage in the main water pipeline supplying South Delhi from Sonia Vihar, Atishi highlighted the possibility of foul play and called for enhanced security measures.

Addressing the media, Atishi stressed the importance of focusing on resolving the crisis rather than engaging in political blame games. She underscored the need for collaboration and urged the BJP to use its influence to negotiate with the Haryana government for increased water allocation to Delhi.

In her letter to the Commissioner, Atishi highlighted the significant impact of the leakage on the water supply in South Delhi. Despite the maintenance team's efforts to repair the leakage over a six-hour period, the interruption resulted in a 25% increase in water shortage in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, the BJP staged a protest against the water crisis in the National Capital, with BJP MP Kamaljeet Sehrawat leading a 'Matka Phod' protest in Najafgarh. Sehrawat also inspected water pipelines in Dwarka, lamenting the wastage caused by broken pipes while criticizing the AAP government for deflecting blame onto other state governments.

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