Murdered for Kejriwal's 'free water' in Delhi, accused slits woman's throat

New Delhi: The Arvind Kejriwal government in the country's capital Delhi is always beating the drum of free and plenty of water, but a case of opening its pole has come to light from Delhi itself. A woman has been murdered in a dispute over water. A woman was strangulated to death in the Vasant Kunj area of the capital over a dispute over waterlogging. The accused also chopped off the hand of the woman's husband who came to the rescue. The accused fled from the spot after committing the crime. Police have formed six teams to nab the accused and search operations are being carried out everywhere.

In fact, a woman was killed after a dispute overfilling water at the Dalit Ekta Camp in Vasant Kunj. The woman's son has alleged that the accused killed his mother with a knife by slitting her throat, her father went to the rescue and the accused also attacked him with a knife. The locals are in great awe of the terror of the accused and his family. In fact, Shyam Kala lives with his family in the slum of Dalit Ekta Camp. At around 6:00 am on April 26, Shyam Kala was filling water outside his house. At the same time, a neighbour, Arjun, who lives in front of the house, and his family got into an argument about filling water. Neighbour Arjun was already involved in criminal activities.

While the dispute was taking place, Arjun came with a large knife and slit the woman's throat. The accused did not stop here. When the woman's husband reached the beach to defend herself, the accused Arjun also attacked the hands of the woman's husband with a knife, after which he was also badly injured. Then the accused started threatening everyone by turning a knife in the street. At the same time, the police are now investigating the case. After this whole development, questions have also been raised about the Delhi government, it is being said that when the Delhi government is providing free water to everyone's house, why are there disputes over water in the capital. Is the government's promise of free water false?

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