Delhi on 'Red Alert' as Maximum Temperature Soars to 45 Degrees Celsius, Relief Expected
Delhi on 'Red Alert' as Maximum Temperature Soars to 45 Degrees Celsius, Relief Expected

Delhi weather today: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for the national capital, with the maximum temperature expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius. However, Delhiites can expect some relief from the intense heat starting Wednesday, June 19.

According to the weather office, mostly clear skies are predicted today, accompanied by heatwave to severe heatwave conditions across many parts of Delhi. Strong surface winds are also expected throughout the day.

Most areas in Delhi experienced heatwave to severe heatwave conditions yesterday. The Safdarjung Observatory recorded a scorching 45.2 degrees Celsius, which is significantly 6.4 degrees above the seasonal average. The minimum temperature was 33 degrees Celsius on Monday, which is 5.5 degrees higher than the norm.

At the Palam weather station, the temperature peaked at 46 degrees Celsius, marking a substantial 7-degree rise above the seasonal average. Similarly, Lodhi Road recorded 45.6 degrees Celsius, the Ridge area saw 46.3 degrees Celsius, Ayanagar reported 46.4 degrees Celsius, and Najafgarh reached 46.3 degrees Celsius, all significantly higher by 7 degrees compared to normal.

Delhi is forecasted to experience predominantly clear skies and strong surface winds throughout the day. The national capital is expected to receive some relief starting Wednesday, transitioning to a 'yellow' alert on Wednesday and Thursday, and further improving to a 'green' alert by Friday and Saturday.

Apart from Delhi, several regions in Uttar Pradesh are anticipated to face heatwave to severe heatwave conditions until June 19. Himachal Pradesh and Bihar are also expected to experience similar conditions until June 18.

Jammu and Kashmir, North Madhya Pradesh, and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh are also anticipated to experience heatwave conditions until June 18. Uttar Pradesh and East Madhya Pradesh are expected to have warm to severe warm night conditions during this period.

Heatwave conditions are defined when the maximum temperature reaches at least 40 degrees Celsius in plains, 37 degrees Celsius in coastal areas, and 30 degrees Celsius in hilly regions, with a departure from normal of at least 4.5 degrees Celsius. If the departure from normal exceeds 6.4 degrees Celsius, it is classified as a severe heatwave.

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