Delhi Police Set for Major Expansion of Bomb Detection and Dog Squads, How It Works
Delhi Police Set for Major Expansion of Bomb Detection and Dog Squads, How It Works

Amid rising concerns over security threats, Delhi Police is gearing up to significantly bolster its bomb detection, disposal, and dog squads. This move comes in response to a recent surge in bomb threats across the city.

Currently, Delhi Police operates with just five bomb disposal squads, supported by 18 bomb detection teams and a single dog squad equipped with 70 canines serving all 15 police districts. However, the existing resources have often proven inadequate, raising apprehensions about potential security lapses.

In an effort to address these challenges, Delhi Police has devised a comprehensive plan aimed at enhancing the capabilities of these crucial units. The proposal includes augmenting the number of personnel in each squad, acquiring state-of-the-art bomb detection equipment, and increasing the fleet of trained dogs and handlers.

The proposed expansion seeks to ensure that every police district in Delhi has dedicated bomb detection and disposal capabilities, equipped with advanced gadgets and protective gear such as bulletproof jackets. This strategic initiative is currently awaiting approval from higher authorities, underscoring its critical importance in fortifying the city's security infrastructure.

As Delhi Police prepares to take these proactive steps, the public and stakeholders alike await the implementation of this vital upgrade, which promises to strengthen the city's readiness against potential security threats.

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