Delhi Police wins heart, tweets in unique way to make people aware

New Delhi: In India, where there is a continuous outbreak of corona and restrictions have been implemented in different states. In the capital of India, now the Delhi Police has made the public aware of the vaccine in a very funny way with its Twitter handle. The situation of Corona in Delhi is getting worse day by day, Corona has affected a huge population. In such a situation, due to the increasing outbreak, Delhi Police has also become alert.

The same Delhi Police, explaining the importance of the vaccine from its official Twitter account, has said that "Wear a mask and don't move around." Through this line of his Twitter, he has explained to the people of Delhi, stating the importance of masks, that if necessary, then only get out of the house and take both doses of the vaccine. On the other hand, shared a meme related to the same vaccine, in which it is written That "How many doses of vaccine to take? To which the answer is two. This tweet of Delhi Police is being discussed everywhere, and everyone is praising it.

Let us tell you that the news of the decisions taken in the important meeting of DDMA held recently in Delhi has been given by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal through a tweet. In which he wrote that in view of the increasing cases of Corona, it has been decided to close the restaurant and bar, along with this, on the decision taken regarding the weekly market, the Lieutenant Governor wrote that now only one weekly market will be opened in each zone every day. will be approved. Means only one market in a zone that too in a safe place where there is no overcrowding.

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