Delhi's 84% Covid cases seen in 2 days are of Omicron variant: Health Minister

NEW DELHI: According to Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, 84 percent of Covid cases seen in the last two days of December 2021 are of the Omicron strain, but there is no cause to panic.

At a news briefing, he added that 84 percent of overall genome sequencing data from Delhi's three labs - ILBS, LNJP, and NCDC - reported the Omicron variant.

On Sunday, Delhi has reported 3,194 Covid cases, bringing the Covid positive rate to 4.59 percent, he said. "By the evening, around 4,000 Covid cases are likely, bringing the positive rate to 6.5 percent," he said, adding that specialists predict a Covid high in Delhi within the week.

However, as per global reports, the Omicron tally rises and falls rapidly. So there's no reason to worry about Omicron, he says.Jain stated that only 200 individuals had been admitted to hospitals as a result of the increase. "There is no need to fear," he said, "but be aware and observe the Covid recommended behaviour because the Omicron form requires less hospitalisation."  "Our experience over the last two years demonstrates that we can battle Covid with a mask and suitable Covid behaviour... we will fight this variety as well," he said.

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