Demanding their frozen funds depositors swarm Lebanon's banks

Beirut:  According to Lebanese News Agency (NNA), a number of Kadischa Electricity employees stormed the FNB Bank in Tripoli in protest at the bank's decision to withhold 3% of their wages and dues.

According to the workers, the bank hasn't given them their salaries and wants to take three percent of their other debts, or 500,000 Lebanese pounds, as repayment.

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According to NNA, the staff members vowed to stay on at the bank until the management reverses its "unjust decision."

Last week, a wave of holdups by irate depositors demanding the release of their money forced banks to close their branches. Banking officials have decided to only accept clients who have appointments in advance, and they may be subject to inspection when they arrive.

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Ali Al-Sahli, a Lebanese depositor, was seen in a social media video storming a BLC Bank branch in Chtaura and demanding his $24,502 deposit.


According to the Lebanese Depositors Association, Al-Sahli, a retired member of Lebanon's security force, tried to sell his kidney to raise money for his son's Ukrainian university tuition after he was expelled for nonpayment.

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He had repeatedly demanded his deposits before storming the bank, but to no avail.

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