Democrats win in Nevada securing control of  US Senate
Democrats win in Nevada securing control of  US Senate

Nevada: As a result of Democratic US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto's victory in Nevada, Edison Research predicted Saturday that Democrats will retain control of the US Senate in 2019. This gave President Joe Biden a significant victory.

As officials continue to tally the votes cast in Tuesday's US midterm election, Republicans remain on the verge of taking control of the US House of Representatives. Cortez Masto defeated Adam Laxault, a Republican challenger and former state attorney general who had the backing of Donald Trump.

Masto's victory would allow Democrats to hold at least 50 Senate seats and Vice President Kamala Harris would have the power to break ties with the 100-member House after Kelly's victory in Arizona late Friday.

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Masto's victory would allow Democrats to hold at least 50 Senate seats, and Vice President Kamala Harris would have the power to sever ties with the 100-member House after Kelly's victory in Arizona late Friday.

If Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock defeats Republican rival Herschelle Walker in a run-off election in Georgia on December 6, the Democrats' victory margin will increase to 51-49. Democrats would then have an added advantage in passing the smaller number of controversial bills that could be passed by a simple majority instead of the 60 required by most laws.

Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, and Kirsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, "swing" votes that have thwarted or postponed several of Biden's key proposals, including the expansion of some social programs. However, Manchin and Sinima's influence will be slightly diminished by the 51 Democratic seats in the upcoming Congress.

Which party will control the majority in the US House of Representatives for the next two years is still a mystery. Although the Republicans still had the advantage, the results of several races were coming in, including several in liberal California.

In Washington's third congressional district, where Democrat Mary Glusenkamp Perez defeated Republican Joe Kent, Democrats scored a major victory on Saturday. It may take several days or more for the party to establish control of the 435-seat chamber before the results of the House's substantial contests are known.

Late Friday, Kelly, a Democratic senator from Arizona, was predicted to retain his seat against Republican Blake Masters, who, like Laxalt, had Trump's backing. This gave a big boost to the Democrats. Masters competition is not abandoned.

Kelly, a former astronaut and fighter pilot for the Navy, spoke briefly to his supporters in Phoenix on Saturday while his wife, the late Democratic Congressman Gabby Giffords, stood by his side. His remarks focused on the importance of bipartisan cooperation in Congress.

"We've seen results when leaders reject the truth and focus more on past conspiracies than solving the problems we face today," Kelly said without mentioning Masters.

Several Republican candidates in the midterm elections, including Masters, repeated former President Trump's false claim that widespread voter fraud led him to lose the 2020 election to Biden.

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Joe Gloria, the county registrar in Clark County, Nevada, said none of the candidates reported fraud allegations to his office while officials were processing mail-in and drop-box ballots.

At a news conference, he said: "We have not heard anything about the process or results from any campaign related to fraud or interrogation".
No winner has yet been predicted in the Arizona governor's race, where Democrat Katie Hobbs and Republican Kari Lake are facing each other. Democrat Cisco Aguilar defeated Republican Jim Merchant in the race for secretary of state in Nevada.

Merchant was a well-known supporter of Trump's baseless allegation of voter fraud in 2020. Biden will have assurances that his choice for dozens of federal judges will be confirmed with the help of Chuck Schumer, the majority leader for the Democratic-controlled Senate.

This will be especially important for Democrats if a vacancy occurs in the final two years of Biden's term on the US Supreme Court, which currently has a 6-3 Conservative majority.

Schumer wants to quickly confirm two more federal judges who await final votes when the incumbent Senate reconvenes Monday for a post-election working session that could run through the end of December.

Trump, who has used his continued support from hard-right conservatives to influence Congress, governors and Republican Party nominees for local races, has been mulling over the 2022 midterm elections all year.

Trump has been accused of supporting candidates who were unable to win over a large segment of voters because of Republicans' weak showing on Tuesday, even if they win narrow majority control of the House.

Trump endorsed Georgia's Walker and Laxalt. Republican defeats in either of these two contests could further damage Trump's standing, according to advisers, who believe the president-elect is thinking about declaring a third presidential bid in 2024.

If they succeed, House Republicans have vowed to try to undo any victories that Vice President Biden has made in the fight against climate change and to extend several 2017 tax cuts that are set to expire. 

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They also intend to look into the activities of the Biden administration and the president's son, who has connections to the Chinese and Ukrainian economies.

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