'Development exposed, G20 washed away in rain...', When India was creating history, opposition leaders were doing negative politics, Fact Check
'Development exposed, G20 washed away in rain...', When India was creating history, opposition leaders were doing negative politics, Fact Check

New Delhi: Press Information Bureau Fact Check (PIB Fact Check) has rejected claims made by opposition leaders that the venue of the G20 leaders' summit was seriously affected by floods due to rains in Delhi. As soon as it rained in Delhi on Sunday (September 10), some videos started going viral on social media on the second day of the G20 leaders' summit. 



Opposition members, including Congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Trinamool Congress (TMC), alleged that there was "flooding and waterlogging" at the multinational summit venue after heavy rains in Delhi early Sunday morning. TMC's Saket Gokhale wrote on The situation is. Out of these 4000 crores, how many crores of G20 funds did the Modi government embezzle?'

At the same time, Congress also tweeted from its official Twitter handle that, 'Hollow development exposed, Bharat Mandapam prepared for G20.' Rs 2,700 crore were invested. The water went away in one rain. However, PIB Fact Check has refuted these allegations by factually checking these claims of the opposition leaders. PIB said there was "minor waterlogging in the open area" at the venue, as it had rained overnight, but was cleared immediately in just 20 minutes after the pumps were put into action. There is no waterlogging at the venue at present ' PIB has also shared the video after the water was removed .


However, as yesterday was the last day of the G20 summit, and leaders from across the world were in India, the international media was keeping an eye on it. At that time, what did the opposition want to prove by spreading such videos on social media? Would this only point fingers at the government, or would it discredit India at the global level? It had rained overnight in Delhi, so there would be water, this happens in foreign countries too, but it was soon cleaned. Yesterday, when all the big leaders of the world were walking barefoot at Rajghat, water was visible at some places, but no objection was reported,  everyone paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and returned barefoot .But, the kind of attitude shown by some opposition leaders even before the beginning of the G20 Summit is sad. The process of allegations and counter-allegations goes on 365 days of the year, but when the country is presiding over an international conference and is trying to create new dimensions of success by making new agreements with more and more countries, then what? The national interest cannot be put forward by keeping such 'negative politics' aside. However, PIB exposed these claims yesterday at 12 noon itself, because by the time the second session of G20 started, everything had been put in place long before that and the G20 also concluded on a grand note at the same place .

Success of G20 :-

At the time when such statements were being made by the opposition leaders in India on the G20, the G-20 under the chairmanship of India proved to be the most successful conference in history till date. The G20 summit chaired by India this time included 73 outcomes (line of Efforts) and 39 accompanying documents (not including Chairmanship documents, Working Group outcome documents). Thus, India's presidency has resulted in a total of 112 outcome and presidency documents i.e. double the original work. Earlier, in the G20 summit held in Indonesia, a total of 50 outcome and presidency documents were processed, before that in Italy, 65, 30 in Saudi Arabia, 29, 33, 22 outcome and presidency documents were processed in Japan, Argentina, Germany respectively. . Also, India has succeeded in bringing together the world divided between Russia and Ukraine. All the countries agreed to the manifesto of the G-20 summit chaired by India. 

To give a befitting reply to China's 'Belt Road Initiative' (BRI), India, America, Saudi Arabia, Europe, UAE have together made a plan to develop such an infrastructure through which India can connect with America and Gulf countries as well as Europe. This will sound and India will become a new and big center of global business and will be established in the world. In this, a rail-shipping corridor will be built from India to Europe and Saudi Arabia. India, Brazil and the United States, major biofuel producers and consumers, have also agreed to form a Global Biofuels Alliance to promote the sustainable use of biofuels in the transportation sector. 

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor also praised:-

Veteran Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor also praised the diplomacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government for adopting the New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration with 100 per cent unanimous consent and India's stand on the Russia-Ukraine war. Describing it as a diplomatic victory for India, Tharoor said that the adoption of the Delhi Declaration is a huge achievement. Tharoor said that, 'In the lead up to the G20 summit, there was widespread expectation that there would be no agreement on the declaration and hence a joint communiqué might not be possible. While Western countries wanted condemnation on the Russia-Ukraine war, countries like China and Russia may not have liked the condemnation. 

Tharoor said, 'But, the Modi government's conduct during its chairmanship of the G20 was remarkable and it did not repeat anything that had been done earlier. With 200 meetings in 58 cities, he made it a nationwide event.' Tharoor said, no other country has done anything like this. Along with this, Shashi Tharoor praised the Modi government for announcing the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor and said that this project has tremendous potential for the future.

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