Digital Golgappa picks the top Indian books that you must read in February 2021
Digital Golgappa picks the top Indian books that you must read in February 2021

With so many books available in the market, the readers can sometimes get confused regarding the one they should pick up. India's premier marketing agency Digital Golgappa picked out the top Indian books that you must read in February 2021.

It's punny. Oops, I mean Funny! by Namita Das
It is one of the most humorous books you will read this February. Anu, an aspiring author, wanted to write a bestselling book, but all that she did not have, was the plot! It is a complete package of entertainment for the readers.
1) Words Unsaid by Shivi Goyal
We hold back ourselves for not saying what we want to. This book is a testimony of all those expressions and words that remain hidden. It recently turned out to be the runner up at Cherry Book Awards in the Poem/Verse category.
2) The Paradise Conflict by Abhishek Ghosh
Written by the best author (fiction) award winner at the Cherry Book Awards, this book is one of the best fictional reads you will read this month. What will happen to the world when water is scarce and put under control by a powerful regime? You will be excited to know what lies ahead.
3) Obsessed with the dawns by Sameena Mushtaq Khan
Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, the award-winning poet has penned a lovely compilation of soul touching poems, full of emotions like worship, love, heartbreaks, motivation, blessings of nature, and seeking for oneself.
4) Aapki Sia LLB by Sonia Sahijwani 
The Hindi translation of Yours Legally is here. Sonia has penned incredible legal-based short stories that revolve around a central character Sia, a young girl trying to make it big in the field of law. After the grand success of the English version and audiobook, this Hindi translation is a must-read.
5) Chase of Dreams by Parmeet Singh
After a journey full of struggles, Emma, a woman who prayed to be a mother, finally conceived a baby but lost her husband. She gave birth to destiny's child, Angel. A game of surprising situations ensues along with ironic twists and turns combined with supernatural powers.
6) Destined to be Yours by Komal Tayade
We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason. We all are imperfectly perfect in our lives and there is no point in changing the real you. People will come and go and only leave their memories behind. We come across a lot of people in our life, we think they’ll stay forever with us. But destiny has different plans for each one of us.
7) Rhime of time by Padmaja Bharti
This national bestseller is the one which you cannot miss if you love poems. A compilation of short and complex poems, each having deep meaning, this one is a must-read.

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