This actress had been missing from the industry for years, now posted: 'Trying to kill me...'
This actress had been missing from the industry for years, now posted: 'Trying to kill me...'

All of you may have watched many TV shows but the show Dil Mil Gaye came long ago. Actress Shilpa Anand, appearing in the show, will also be remembered to you, who played Ridhima Gupta in the serial. She was well-loved on the show but is no longer visible in the show.

Shilpa is once again in the limelight even after she has not been seen in the show. In fact, she has recently made some points through one of her posts that she has become a part of the limelight. She has recently accused her sister-in-law, Sakshi Shiv Anand, of attempting to murder herself and her mother.

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Yes, Ridhima Gupta changed her name from Shilpa Anand to Ohna Shivananda in 2015, and by the same name, Actress has written a post on Facebook, after which everyone has been shocked. "A few months ago, my mother had filed a police complaint against my sister-in-law. In it, she was accused of murdering her husband and grabbing her insurance money against her sister-in-law. The sister-in-law then tried to kill me and my mother. Not only that, when my sister was in India when she was also tried to kill. After we filed a complaint, the sister-in-law fled India to the US so that she would not face the police," she said.

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"I would like to tell my sister-in-law through this note that if she has the courage, she should come back to India and face the law. While the police called me and my mother to the police station several times, she kept saying that she had run away and told us when she would come back.'" she said.

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