Here's the reason why Kairav's fans are angry; read tweets!
Here's the reason why Kairav's fans are angry; read tweets!

The track of Karthik Goenka and Vedika's wedding has begun these days in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai TV's one of a very popular show. Yes, Karthik and Naira leave in the serial before the leap, and Karthik feels that Naira is dead, while Naira is with her son in Goa. Well, we know that Naira is alive and she is still alive in Kartik's memories, but neither does he know as well as his family that Naira is still alive. At the same time, you may remember that grandma wants Karthik to get married to Vedika before she dies, Karthik is not ready for it, but because of her poor condition, he says yes to marriage.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Karthik's gets to know about Kairav's disease; this twist will come!

On the other hand, with the wedding twist coming on the show, people have unfollowed the show. Yes, before Vedika and Karthik's wedding ceremonies began, Kairav's fans began to trend #WeWantKairaOnly on Twitter. In fact, fans don't want to see Vedika and Karthik's wedding ceremonies in any case, and fans want the makers to introduce Karthik and Naira as soon as possible. Tell all of you, Karthik brings Vedika home on his own because the father of Vedika dies in an attempt to save his life.

'Yeh Rishta...' Will see the entry of old villain, you will be saddened to hear the name!

After that, Vedika falls in love with Karthik, but Karthik still has Naira in his mind. On the other hand, the news of Karthik's wedding is bad and it has to be seen how and when Karthik and Naira get the makers in the serial and when the big twist comes on the show.

Will Naira be able to stop Karthik and Vedika's marriage?

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