A Look Into The Life Of Dinesh Desai, Youth Leader of Gujarat Yuva BJP Who Has Brought A Positive Impact In Society

Jan 18 2020 11:58 PM
A Look Into The Life Of Dinesh Desai, Youth Leader of Gujarat Yuva BJP Who Has Brought A Positive Impact In Society

The young people or say the youth is the most important part of society today. And why not? They are the leaders of tomorrow. Every youngster has someone to look up to as the inspiration. Dinesh Desai is that reputed name among the youngsters who is a youth leader in the Gujarat Yuva BJP from the Maldhari Samaj. Born on May 3, 1989, he always had the vision to do something meaningful for his community and that’s when he won the hearts of everyone from the Maldhari community. While his father Shri Harishbhai Jethabhai Desai is a businessman, his mother Shreemati Revaben Harishbhai Desai is a homemaker. 

His service towards his community had a major focus on unity and fraternity amongst the youth. Looking at his work, many other youths joined him as they were highly influenced by his working strategy. Dinesh along with other members of the community, led several movements for the betterment of their community. The Maldhari samaj in India comprises of Gadhavi, Ahir, Rabari and Bharwad who have set leadership goals with their work. However, Dinesh has always stood by his people and that’s what made him one of the true leaders of Gujarat. It was his hard work and true intentions that helped him achieve support from the people. 

Dinesh aims to bring a tide of change by helping all the needy people of his community. “I believe in the saying that the service to man is service to God. For me, everyone is equal and whoever needs help, I go all my way out in supporting them. It’s all about empowering people and helping them grow”, he stated. His humbleness and positive approach towards work are what makes Dinesh Desai one of the best leaders. He is also into several social and spiritual works. His latest work is with the Rabari Samaj’s Dharm Guru Gadi Shri Jayram Swami Ramji Mandir, Tintoda, Gandhinagar and Rabari Samaj’s Dharm Guru Gadi Ramji Mandir, Zak, Ahmedabad. Furthermore, he is also an active speaker of Vihotar Yuva Group of Gujarat. This young guy is undoubtedly the best icon all the youngsters of Gujarat should follow.

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