Excessive consumption of amla can be fatal

Aug 10 2020 05:06 PM
Excessive consumption of amla can be fatal

Although Amla proves to be very beneficial for health, its excessive use can be fatal. Amla is used in many things. Marmalade, juice and pickle are also made from the Indian gooseberry. There are many people who also like to eat raw amla. Using amla in large quantities can be a risk for serious diseases. So let's know about the harm caused by consuming amla excessively.

Liver related problems
Using amla in large quantities can cause liver problems. Eating a lot of Indian gooseberries increases the number of GPT (serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase) in the liver. The digestive system does not function properly.

May cause high blood pressure
Eating amla in high quantity can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should avoid using amla.

Kidney problems
Eating amla in large numbers can cause kidney problems. Excess use of amla increases the sodium level of the body, due to which the kidney is not able to function properly.

Urine irritation
Use of amla in large quantity can cause irritation in urine. Many people also experience bad odour in the urine after consuming amla.

May have acidity
Excessive use of amla can cause acidity. Amla is naturally acidic in nature. Amla should not be used on an empty stomach.

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