Disha decides to give Mohini and Akshay a lesson: Main Hoon Aparajita
Disha decides to give Mohini and Akshay a lesson: Main Hoon Aparajita

Disha and Asha are informed by Chavi that Mohini must have a plan to evict them from their home. Disha observes that Akshay is not naive enough to always go along with Mohini's schemes and advice. When Aparajita arrives, she instructs Disha to rip a dupatta, if necessary, to calm herself down. She rips it apart and lets her rage out.

She then hands Disha four dupattas, but she is unable to tear any of them. They are united by the four dupattas, according to Aparajita, and nothing can bring them down. They emotionally embrace. They are all told to go to bed because they need to bring the Goddess Durga's idol the following day. As Aparajita prepares to place the Godess in the puja room, Mohini enters and stands by her side. Disha gets angry.

Aparajita brings the aarti and tells Mohini they should perform the navratri aarti together. Mohini has trouble performing the aarti correctly. She receives assistance from Akshay. Aparajita is accompanied by Disha, Asha, and Chavi as they perform aarti. Welcome to Gaurav, Aparajita. He explains to Aparajita that he went over all the property's legal documents and concluded that Akshay cannot evict Aparajita. Aparajita informs Disha that if anyone tries to evict them, they can obtain a stay order. Disha advises Chavi that they ought to use this opportunity to make a point. Seeing Veer makes Chavi uneasy. She is asked by Disha who he is, but she refuses to say. Disha wakes Asha up later because it's imperative that she teach Mohini and Akshay a lesson. Garbage is thrown around Akshay and Mohini as they enter the room.

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