DJ Bose: Setting A High Standard For The Indian DJ Industry

Popular DJ artist Gaurav Bose (aka DJ Bose) is a Nagpur, Indian artist settled in Brisbane. In Gaurav's journey from an Indian DJ to one of Brisbane's most popular DJs, he has experienced quite the adventure. It is especially challenging when one comes from a completely different educational field and family background. This DJ began his career in the busy lanes of Nagpur but has evolved into one of Brisbane's best DJs, creating not only Commercial House/Bollywood remixes but also Originals. He has performed with DJs such as Reecelow, Bonka, Joel Fletcher, and many others. Crowned Official Music Artist on YoutubeVEVO, Signed In for Eros Now and Times Music (Speed Records). Has published more than 16 originals on his spotify account and is planning to release a few more exciting tracks this year.

Gaurav has been working on the Nexus of House Music production and DJing in Nightlife for over 10 years. His top 5 Spotify releases are: 'Bombs Away', 'All I Need', 'Ketones', ‘Casanova’and 'Hold Me Up' (Carl Edit). His upcoming collaborations are with some renowned artists like Valy Mo ( FR), Scotty V (AUS), Rebecca Schneider (LA), MTT aka Matte.pz (AR) and Vaibhav Vishal (IN) with whom he has worked in his previous releases as well.

Check out his Top Spotify Songs  Raanjhana (Official Music Video):

Gaurav is extremely passionate about DJing and considers it an essential part of  his life. “Djing for me is more than just bread and butter, it's life for me. I am passionate and love music. The feeling of making people happy and dancing to my tunes is way better than ecstasy.” he added. His passion for music led him to pursue a career at Djing in Brisbane in 2015. DJing has been his passion and comes naturally to him, since his school days.Till now his tracks have been featured on CrowdDJ Nightlife, Systems Across Australia, along with Radio Mirchi, Radiometro 105.7 (AUS), and Red FM.

Having started as a fresher without any background in the DJing industry, Gaurav has managed to make an impressive journey. It's fair to say that he is setting examples for the freshmen. It wasn't easy for him initially, as he had to prove that DJing was worth his efforts. In his response to our question about his friends and family's reaction to his sudden career change, he said, "DJing was my calling and that's why even after getting my formal education in engineering and obtaining my MBA, I just feel like I'm not a 9-5 kind of person.

So, when I decided to finally switch to DJing as my full time career, I sure turned some heads around, and telling my parents they obviously didn't take it in a very nice way I'll say, because my father is a well known engineer, and I come from a family with an educational background. So for them to accept the fact that I was going down a very different and uncommon path was pretty hard.

Eventually I proved to everyone that DJing was worth a shot and was meant for me.”

Gaurav believes that if there is no support from the people close to you, it becomes a little difficult to follow, but that wasn't the case for him, although it was quite a shock to his friends and family to hear something so out of the ordinary, but they eventually got the picture. "My friends Rohit Gida, DJ Tejas India, and Snehal Gajjar helped me learn the skill as well as get into clubs and events when I first started. I can't thank them enough for their support" he added.

His upcoming performances include those at the Redroom at the University of Queensland (5-7pm on June 3), Cleveland Sands on the 4th, and Envy Sunshine Coast on June 11. Many of the industry's prestigious labels will release music in collaboration with him shortly this year.

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