DMK’s Lok Sabha MP objectes ‘Bhoomi Puja’ for a road project
DMK’s Lok Sabha MP objectes ‘Bhoomi Puja’ for a road project

CHENNAI: Lok Sabha member for the ruling DMK, S Senthilkumar,  objected to a Hindu priest doing a "Bhoomi Puja" for a road project and said that people of all faiths should be asked to pray at any such ceremonies.

When the Dharmapuri Lok Sabha MP arrived at the location in his home district, he asked a staff member if he was aware that a government event shouldn't be held in a way that only allows prayers from one specific religion. “Sir, Do you follow instructions that official business should not be conducted in this manner? He questioned, "Are you conscious or not?

The MP questioned the officer, pointing to a Hindu priest wearing saffron robes, "What is this? Where are the followers of other faiths? Where are the Muslims and Christians? Invite the Imam, the Church father, and the Dravidar Kazhagam (representatives) of the atheists and those who do not profess any religion, he said.

The parent organisation of the ruling DMK is the Dravidar Kazhagam, a rationalist group formed by social justice legend Periyar EV Ramasamy.

Bhoomi pooja during a government event is stopped by DMK MP Dr. Senthil, who requests that the Hindu priest leave. He requested that three religions be brought for the Pooja: Christian, Islamic, and Atheist. He questioned the cop in an effort to degrade him after he chased the Hindu priest away and halted the Pooja. Soon, Tamil Nadu's Hindus will be ordered to stop performing pujas even in their own homes. So, beware of the Dravidian Parties' animosity for Hindus.


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