Do e-cigarette boys influence girls, know what the survey says

Sep 08 2019 05:21 PM
Do e-cigarette boys influence girls, know what the survey says

Girls or women, in general, do not like or dislike smokers, as all women have different preferences and preferences. While some women can date smokers, some may find this habit dirty. However, most women do not like smokers. So whenever you also smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes you are actually reducing your chances of finding a girl. So, if you are trying to find someone special to spend time with, then one thing that you need to quit immediately is smoking.

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According to a new study, 70% of women say that they do not like to marry boys who smoke and 56% of girls do not want to go on a date with boys who smoke. When asked why they did not want to go on a date with smokers, 91% of people indicated the smell of smoke is weird. While 75% indicated health problems caused by smoking. These are the reasons why women hate smokers whether it is a normal cigarette or an e-cigarette. There are many reasons for this.

Bad breath
Women like men who smell good, not smoke. Even after smoking, even if you eat mouth freshener, the smell of smoking does not disappear. Girls like boys who do not smell bad. If you want a girl to get along with you and get close to you, then you should stop smoking immediately.

Yellowing of teeth
Women always crave an attractive smile from their partners. But smoking men ruin that expectation. Smoking not only damages the respiratory system but also damages the color of your teeth. Smoking can cause you to lose teeth.

Performance problem in bed
You may have noticed, cigarette advertisements always show men with sharp minds, but this fact is the opposite. In smokers, the risk of impotence is manifold. Therefore, a woman has to think ten times before spending life with men who smoke, so as not to disappoint her in bed.

Smoking discourages not only dating but also physical and sexual contact. Interestingly, an alternative to regular cigarettes is electronic cigarettes, which you also call E-Cigarette. However, 55% of women said that they also do not like e-cigarette smokers. In the case of electronic cigarettes, its smell and its vague side effects have also proved to be decisive.

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