Do not keep these plants at home, it causes loss of wealth
Do not keep these plants at home, it causes loss of wealth

We all know that plants enhance the beauty of every house and at the same time it also makes the environment pleasant. In such a situation, all of you must have heard that planting trees and plants bring prosperity in the house and it also creates a good atmosphere in the house. Some plants are considered good luck for the house but do you know there are some tree and plants which are considered bad in terms of Vastu Shastra. According to religious beliefs, some plants have negative powers, which can have a bad effect on your home and family. Today we are going to tell you about them.

* It is said that thorny plants should not be planted in the house because planting them has a bad effect on the house. With this, if seen from a religious point of view, by putting the thorny plant in the house, the quarrels in the family get increased and not only this, the environment of the house also starts deteriorating.

* Milk plants should not be planted at home. Although many times people plant them at home, but planting them at home can increase your problems because if viewed from a religious point of view, planting these plants in the house takes away peace and happiness to the house and it brings the negative forces. For this reason, do not put them in the house.

* It is said that people plant berries which considered one of the fruits, but this is wrong. It is said that planting it brings negative powers to the house. Not only this, if viewed from a religious point of view, the plum plant increases the economic problems in the house and also causes loss of wealth, so do not plant them in the house.

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