Do Yoga with your partner to get these amazing benefits

Apr 05 2019 07:23 PM
Do Yoga with your partner to get these amazing benefits

Yoga is one of the most oldest forms of workout which delivers us many health benefits. But you can take more out of it by doing it with your patner.  Doing yoga alone has its benefits, but doing yoga with a loved one is even better.  We bring you the key benefits of doing Yoga with partner.

Builds trust- Doing yoga togethr can help you build the trust. Couples yoga requires you to do yoga poses with your partner and in some of them, you may have to rely on your partner to hold you while you stretch, or while you perform the pose. In such a case, you will be able to build trust between you and your partner, something that is really good for your relationship.

Sitting or walking in nature can help you in fighting stress

Reduced anxiety – It  helps make the mind and body calmer, which relieves stress and anxiety. In fact, there are certain specific poses designed to help with anxiety issues. However, exercising with your partner can help even more when it comes to anxiety and stress problems.

Strengthens communication – It  can help you strengthen your communication with your partner, another very important part of the relationship. Some relationships do not work out just because there is no communication between the partners. Yoga allows you to become calmer and listen to your partner, something that we might not do on a regular basis.

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Improved intimacy- If you are practising yoga with your romantic partner, and are facing intimacy issues, yoga may help resolve them. Yoga ensures that your partner spends more time with you, and there is a physical, emotional and spiritual connection established through yoga.

Puts you in sync - Moving together while doing couples yoga poses can help you be in sync with your partner, something you may have lost over the years. Being in sync or understanding each other is an important part of a relationship, irrespective of what type of relationship it is.


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