Do you know these special things about Jahangir?
Do you know these special things about Jahangir?

You must have heard the stories of history many times. By the way, the things of history have always attracted all of us. Those who are not interested in history also start taking interest after hearing its stories. By the way, today we are going to tell you about Mughal ruler Jahangir. In fact, after Akbar, his son Salim was given command of the government. People know him as Jahangir. Jahangir was one of those rulers who did not allow injustice to anyone. For this reason, he was also called the chain of justice. For many people, these things are going to be new, which we are going to tell today.
It is said that Akbar named his son Salim after the Sufi saint Sheikh Salim. Salim was the fourth Mughal emperor, also known as the scientific emperor. It is said that Jahangir loved nature very much and due to this love, he built Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir. Around the year 1605, Jahangir made changes in many laws for the public. Along with this, punishments like cutting nose, and ears were also forgiven.

It was during Jahangir's reign that European travellers like Hawkins and Sir Tomas visited India. And it is said that Jahangir is also considered guilty of destroying the volcanic temple of Kangra Fort. By the way, Jahangir was the one whose reign is also called the golden period of painting. It is said that he was also very fond of painting.

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