Do your feet smell bad, so get rid of it like this

Sweating in the summer season causes strong body odour. Especially wearing shoes for too long in the feet makes the feet smell strong. This sometimes leads to embarrassment in front of people. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that can help you get rid of foot odour.

1- To get rid of the odour of the feet, add salt to lukewarm water daily before taking a bath and dip your feet for half an hour. Doing so will remove the odour from your feet.

2- Tea leaf water is also very beneficial for getting relief from sweating. For this, add tea leaves to hot water and boil. When the water is light hot, dip your feet in it and keep it for half an hour. By taking this measure daily, the odour from the feet is removed.

3- Add apple vinegar to lukewarm water and dip your feet for half an hour. Then wipe your feet with a towel and dry them.  Doing so will remove the smell of sweat coming from your feet.

This thing is very beneficial when the nose bleeds.

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