If the dog passes from your left side, Then you will...

Sep 16 2019 06:05 PM
If the dog passes from your left side, Then you will...

In the old times, many such things have been told to us like what will happen to us in our future. There are many such things which people believe in as auspicious and inauspicious. At the same time, these beliefs are also associated with animals and in such a situation, in Shakun Shastra, the dog is considered as Shakuna gem. Dogs live like family members and humans get to know them closely with their love and affection. 

* It is said that if the dog dug the barn or the place of grain collection with its paws, it is considered a sign of wealth.

* It is said that if the dog is coming towards you with a piece of bread or a cloth in the mouth, then there is a possibility of getting money.

* It is said that if the dog starts rolling on your feet or looks happy then the work is going to be successful.

* It is said that if a man or woman who wants to get a child comes from outside the house and puts a piece of fruit or vegetable in his mouth, then the family will be blessed with a baby boy.

* It is said that if at that time when you are thinking something else and the dog scratches his head with the last paw, then your thoughts will come true.

* It is said that the dog has the power to perceive the lunar planet, which is called somatattva. In such a situation, the dog also informs the owner or family members about being disrespected by the condition.

* It is said that if you are thinking of starting a task and the dog scratches his left foot on his left side, then understand that the work will happen and take immediate measures for the success of the work.

* It has been reported that the dog vomiting considered ominous. If you are going for an exam or test and at that time if a dog passes by your side then you will pass the exam with good grades.

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