Here's what your thumb says about your personality

Sep 14 2019 02:48 PM
Here's what your thumb says about your personality

Many such things have been told in astrology that tell a lot about man and one of these is the thumb of the hand which tells a lot about a person. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you how the thumb tells about the person.

* It is said that if a man's thumb is located at right angles to the palm and his finger is not inclined towards any finger, then such a person is of free thought. They do not like to resist anyone in their life.

* It is said that people with long thumbs are intelligent and generous. Do not lend or loan a person who has a small thumb because there is little chance of getting back the money given to these people.

* It is said that people who have a thick thumb are stubborn.

* It is said that if the thumb is inclined towards the fingers, then such people are sensual. With this, such people are not self-supporting.

* It is said that if a person's thumb is too wide, then such a person is a victim of some bad addiction along with being of expensive nature.

* It is said that almost every work of people whose thumb is opened less is interrupted and if the thumb is open then such people are usually rich.

* It is said that the person whose thumb is tilted towards the palm, such people do not respect the thoughts and money of others. With this, if the thumb is not easily bent towards the palm, then such people are confidential and practical.

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