Don't forget to download these apps or else your account will be empty.

New Delhi: If you use Android phone, you need to be more alert when downloading the app. In the middle of the ever-increasing cybercrime, there are now many apps that can empty your bank account (Bank Account) in just a few seconds. In fact, malware (Malware) has been found in Android apps and one of your mistakes can impoverish you.

Over 3 lakh users download dangerous apps: According to reports, apps downloaded more than 3 lakh times include banking trojan malware. The Cyber Security Researcher at Threatfabric (ThreatFabric) has said that common apps such as QR Code Rider, document scanners, fitness monitors, cryptocurrency trading platforms are not always correct. These apps can steal the consumer's banking password, two-factor authentication code, screenshot, etc.

Your account may be hacked if you downloaded these apps to your phone.
1. Two-factor authenticator
2. Protection Guard
3. QR Creator Scanner
4. Master Scanner Live
5. QR Scanner 2021 QR Scanner 2021
6. PDF Document Scanner - Scan-to-PDF
7. PDF Document Scanner
8. QR Scanner
9. Cryptotracker
10. Gym and fitness trainer... beginning

Threatfabric has complained about all malware apps to the giant tech giant Google and is now expected to take a drastic step to remove dangerous Apps from the Google Play Store.

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