'Doorbell is not working, Shout Modi to …': People Stick posters outside their house

Apr 12 2019 12:15 PM
'Doorbell is not working, Shout Modi to …': People Stick posters outside their house

There is a different atmosphere in the country about the Lok Sabha elections-2013. Two big parties are face-to-face and both are in full view of how to defeat the opposition party. While Present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is encouraging people on his rallies, on the other hand, the Congress national president and Congress candidate Rahul Gandhi is seen making a promising one after another to the public. The people of the country have been divided into different groups, someone likes BJP, while others are supporting Congress, and some other people plan to vote on the Nota button but the Madhya Pradesh environment seems different. 

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There is a lot of enthusiasm in the people about the Lok Sabha elections and whether the candidate or the candidate does not leave any stone unturned to win their respective party. In these places, different interesting things are being seen in many places. A few such views were found in Morena district in Madhya Pradesh. There were some posters stick beside the door wall in many houses in Ramnagar area of Morena city, after reading it people get shocked. People in the city have posted posters in front of the doors of the houses and it has written, "Door Bell is bad, please shout Modi-Modi to open the door." According to the people of Ramnagar Colony, to abstain from every political party to bother us by visiting here and asking for the vote, So we have adopted this method. This message is written on more than 100 houses in the colony, For the person who wants to opens, the door will have to shout Modi-Modi. The people living there are saying it the popularity of the Prime Minister.

Let me tell you that in the Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha elections -2019 will be in four phases. The first phase will be held on April 29, in which 6 Lok Sabha seats will be voted. After this, the second phase will be held on 6th May, which will be held in 7 Lok Sabha seats. The third phase of elections in Madhya Pradesh is to be held on May 12, where 8 seats will be held. The final phase of elections in Madhya Pradesh has been kept on May 19 and on this day, voting will be held in 8 seats of the state.

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