Double-meaning comedy made this actor the king of headlines

In that era, when Balasaheb Thackeray was engaged in the struggle for the Marathi people, on the other hand, an actor was engaged in working hard for Marathi cinema. His movie was a double-meaning comedy but it was the best way to get the attention of the audience. Dada Kondke had become a superstar of Marathi cinema using this method. Dada Kondke was born on this day i.e. 8th August 1932. He is also recognized as the hero of the common man. Some of Kondke's movies were played in theatres for 25 weeks. It is recorded as a record in the Guinness Book.   

Let me tell you that Dada Kondake's real name was Krishna Kondake. His childhood was full of problems. He used to do petty hooliganism with his friends. Dada once said that he used bricks, stones, and bottles in his quarrels. Dada was very fond of politics, so he used to interfere a lot in it as well. He joined the Shiv Sena for the rights of the Marathas. Dada Kondke also used to mobilise crowds at Shiv Sena rallies. At the same time, he also attacked his rivals fiercely.

Not only that, but Dada Kondke was also known for his Marathi play 'Vichya Mazi Puri Kara'. This play is called anti-Congress. Because in this play, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was made fun of. Dada Kondke had done more than 1100 stage shows of this play. Dada Kondke's 1975 movie  'Pandu Hawaldar' was very much talked about. In which he played the lead role. Since this movie, the havildars also started being called Pandu. Among his other popular films are 'Songadya', 'Ali Angavar.'

Singers Mahendra Kapoor and Dada Kondke's pairing in Marathi movies was very strong. The songs sung by Mahendra Kapoor for Dada Kondke became very popular in Marathi cinema. Dada Kondke was a comedian and also used double-meaning comedy in his movies. That's why he became famous among people. The titles of The Marathi movies of Dad Kondke were also so vulgar that the censor board used to get embarrassed by passing them. Watching Kondke's movies and passing them used to be the biggest challenge for the censor board.

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