Actor Sahil Khan Arrested in Mahadev Betting App Case
Actor Sahil Khan Arrested in Mahadev Betting App Case

Mumbai: Actor Sahil Khan has found himself in hot water as he has been detained by the Mumbai Police Special Investigation Team (SIT) for his involvement in the Mahadev Betting App case. The actor's connection to the Lion Book App, which is a part of the Mahadev betting network, led to his detention. Despite seeking bail, his plea was rejected, resulting in his apprehension.

The Mahadev betting app case has revealed the involvement of several actors, with Sahil Khan being the latest addition to the list. He was taken into custody in Chhattisgarh and is currently being transported to Mumbai for further investigation. Sahil Khan is accused of promoting the Lion Book App and attending its events. Moreover, he is alleged to be a partner in Lotus Book 24/7, another betting app associated with the Mahadev network.

Sahil Khan, known for his fitness journey, initially ventured into the film industry with movies like "Excuse Me" and "Style." However, he later shifted his focus to fitness and became a renowned fitness influencer. He is the founder of Divine Nutrition, a company that specializes in fitness supplements.

In February of this year, Sahil revealed that he had entered into his second marriage with Milena, who is 26 years younger than him. Prior to this, Sahil was married to Iranian actress Nigar Khan in 2004, but their marriage ended in separation after just one year.

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