Girl got a tattoo on her eyes, blind for 3 weeks
Girl got a tattoo on her eyes, blind for 3 weeks

It is absolutely true that many have a lot of tattoos, everyone wants to get a new tattoo made, have you ever thought of getting a tattoo in your own eye, just think how it would be if you make a tattoo in the eye. So today we discuss the same topic, where the passion of getting a tattoo for a girl became a threat to her. The girl is so fond of getting tattoos that she has covered her body with tattoos, we are talking about 24-year-old Amber Luke of New South Wales, Australia.

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Amber has got more than 200 tattoos on her body so far. Amber is known as 'Dragon Girl' in the world of tattoo making, but this passion to get tattoos has become a major threat to Amber. Actually, some time ago Amber decided to get her eyes blue by getting tattoos in her eyes. After this, Amber got her color blue by getting her tattoo done in the eyes, but due to this, she was blind.

According to the information from the same sources, Amber has spent more than $ 26,000, or more than Rs 18.37 lakh, on tattooing. Amber likes to call herself a blue-eyed white dragon. She recently shared her experience of getting the eyes tattooed. She told about it that getting tattooed in the eyes was the most dangerous experience for her. This work took 40 minutes and after that, she was blind for three weeks.

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As Amber further explains, 'I cannot describe this experience in words. When tattoo ink was being put in my eyes, I felt as if someone had put 10 sharp pieces of glass in my eyes. This process of adding ink to the eyes was done four times a year. This process is quite dangerous because if there was a slight disturbance in this process, Amber would lose her eyes forever.'

Amber says further that she wants to cover her entire body with a tattoo by March 2020. Amber has also undergone changes in her breasts, lips and eyebrows through surgery, but now Amber does not want to do any kind of modification in her body. Amber's mother Vicky told that when she saw Amber for the first time after getting tattooed in the eyes, she cried.

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It is said that Amber's passion for tattoos peaked at the age of 16. Amber believes that tattoos are a break from her negative energy. She says that she has no worries about what she will look like as she gets older. According to Amber, at the age of 70, no person looks beautiful. For Amber, her tattoos are the only thing she wants to take off from the world.

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