Here you will get 94 thousand rupees to eat burger-sandwich!

There are many people all over the world who work hard day and night to eat but have you ever wondered if in a job you got food for free or delivered to your house and you also get a salary of about Rs 1 lakh in return for eating it, how will it be? You may be thinking we're kidding, but it's true. This job is being offered in the UK (United Kingdom News), which is perfect for lazy people who are fond of eating. In fact, the United Kingdom-based marketplace website MaterialsMarket. Com has taken out this hiring and they need 6 such people, who can eat delicious and excellent food just by staying at home and for this, they will be given a good salary.

Now if you want to do this job and you like to eat fast food, then this is the best job for you. The name of this job is 'Takeaway Testers'. Yes, and this job is only for a month. Candidates selected for the job will be made part of an experiment and will have to eat a sample of 20 popular fast food meals selected across the UK. Yes, he can take it as per his choice for lunch or dinner and it will have some famous mile packs of McDonald's, Subway and Greggs. At the same time, in the job of the month, the person will have to keep a log diary with him, in which he will have to write how he felt after eating food.

In fact, they will rate the food on the level of hunger loss, energy, productivity and satisfaction and they will have to write down the experience immediately after eating and up to 1-2 hours after eating. Let us tell you that for this work, the candidate will get £1,000 i.e. more than 94 thousand rupees in Indian currency. To do this work, the candidate must be above the age of 18 years and as soon as the job is over, he will give all his findings to Canditta Marketplace, on which the nutritionists will work.

At the same time, according to the month-long log sheet, the person will have to write one thing in detail and in this job advertisement, it is said that if you want to get money to eat Britain's favourite fast food, then apply immediately. The date to apply for this job is May 27, 2022, and successful candidates will be selected soon.

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